Solar PV Charge Controllers 10 AH

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 We Manufacture a wide range of Solar PV Charge Controllers for solar home lighting systems, street light systems and for various solar PV applications. Charge controllers, which protects battery from over charging and for excessive discharge are the essential components of solar PV systems. Jadhav Powertech introduces professional solar charge controllers using the most innovative and state of the art charge controllers, which protects battery from over charging and/or excessive discharge.


  • Against module reverse current flow, reverse battery and overflow, short circuit, under and over voltage.
  • Overcharge, deep discharge, reverse polarity and lighting protections are incorporated in the electronic control card.


  • Nominal system voltage – 12V / 24V DC
  • Charging current – 6A / 10A
  • Charge control efficiency > 95%
  • Idle consumption < 5 mA


  • Excellent charging algorithm.
  • Negligible voltage drops.
  • Self consumption less than 5 mA.
  • Offers long life of batteries.
  • Noncorrosive terminals.
  • Compact in size and easy to install.
  • Adequate protections and indications.

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