Intelligent Power Selector IPS

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 Solar Power utiliser: (Intelligent Power Selector IPS)

It converts the existing home UPS into solar inverter with Solar PCU functions based on batterry voltage.

24v / 36V / 48 V available upto 40 Ah



  • 3 stage battery charge controller
  • PWM series regulation
  • Intelligent power source selection
  • Plug and play to suit any type of inverter
  • Inbuilt temperature compensation
  • User friendly LED indications
  • Auto self test during power ON
  • User selectable Priority options
    - Solar-Grid-Battery
    - Solar - Battery - Grid

The Intelligent Power Selector (IPS) converts any conventional Inverter into a Solar Inverter.

With IPS Product Series we are targeting large customer base of existing installed home UPS & Inverters to convert them to Solar Inverter. Our IPS solution will assist in reducing electricity bills & ensure a dependable back up system, contribute proudly to clean environment. The product can be customized for many other applications beyond the Inverter. It is also a self-sufficient solar DC power system

The salient features include:

  • Maximization of Solar Energy Harvest
  • Higher Power Conversion Efficiency
  • Universal Inverter / UPS compatibility
  • Affordable Roof top solar system solutions
  • Lower Electricity Bills
  • Dependable back up system
  • Integrated high efficiency solar charge controllers

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