Solar Thin Film Panel - 80 Watt

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 Our Solar Thin Film Panel is widely commended for outstanding performance and environment friendliness. We offer this product in various capacities and ranges. Furthermore, These are offered with warranty to offer satisfaction to our customers.

 Specification of Solar Thin Film Module:

  • Amorphous Silicon Solar Modules [80W/ 85W/ 90W/ 95W/ 100W]
  • High performance and energy yield photovoltaic modules made of amorphous silicon
  • EVA film with high quality TCO glass
  • Water-protected connector system, easy for installation
  • Bypass diode is integrated in junction box to minimize power loss in array
  • Module is glass to glass laminated
  • According to IEC 61646
  • According to IEC 61730
  • According to UL 1703
  • Product warranty: Maintain more than 80% minimum rated power for 20 years
  • Product warranty: Free from defects in material and workmanship for 2 years
  • Sample Availability: Yes
  • Supplier Product Code: TRA/2011/TFMOD/FEB


  • On-grid PV Systems
  • Off-grid PV Systems
  • Residential Roof Top Systems
  • Ground Installations
  • Commercial Roof Top Systems

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